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Cleveland Urban Minority Alcoholism Drug Abuse Outreach Project, Inc. (UMADAOP) is a 501 ©(3) independent and multi-program prevention organization that is committed to promoting health and drug-free living among the African American citizens in Cuyahoga County.  Cleveland UMADAOP works with a host of community organizations, government agencies, policymakers and others to help secure the health and welfare of African American communities.  Through its extensive network of collaborative relationships, the agency continues to make substantial gains on its vision of creating African American communities that are healthy and drug-free.



Mission: To improve the quality of life in the African American Community.




  • That all African American communities are free from alcohol and other drug-related problems;

  • That no African Americans ever experience the horrors of addictions or prisons;

  • That all African American children experience childhoods that are filled with love, nurturing and promise;

  • And, that all African Americans will be committed to keeping our love, hope, faith and charity for each other flowing.



Funding sources:




  • ODADAS Prevention Certification

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