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The signs are everywhere...Is your loved one using heroin?

TRUST your gut. Especially, when the Signs are Everywhere. It's not unusual for you to feel that your Love One is not using heroin, even when the Signs are Everywhere. It's call denial, and just as your Love One denies they are using, you also may find yourself denying they are using too, even when the Signs are Everywhere.

SEEK OUT help from a professional addiction specialist. Your family and friends are great support systems, but they are limited when it comes to the help you will need to deal with your addicted Love One, but keep family and friends close. But, for sure you will need the assistance of a highly trained addiction professional to help you and your addicted Love One battle the illness of addiction.

Your Love One’s drug addiction is a family illness and everyone in the family needs care. A professional addiction specialist will assist you in creating a plan that will help you to understand addiction, to create an effective intervention, to create a treatment plan for you and your Love One and help you learn how to be effective and supportive in the recovery process.

FOLLOW the plans that you and your professional Addiction Specialist put together. Sometimes the things that you will have to do will make you feel that you are heartless and that you are abandoning your Love One, but just remember you are in a battle to save your Love One’s life, and the battle you are in is against the drugs and the addiction.

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