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Snitch and Snatch

Saying Nothing Is a Tactic of Community High-jacking

Words are POWERFUL, some more than others…today the word SNITCH is being used by the drug and violence perpetrators to scare citizens from reporting criminal activity.

People are afraid to work with their local police to stop drug and gun activity because they are afraid to be labeled a SNITCH.

It’s a bullying method by the drug and gun perpetrators to use the most demeaning terms (i.e., snitch, rat) to make law-abiding citizens feel lowly.

It’s time for this to stop.

Its time for law-abiding citizens to redefine the word SNITCH for what it really means, Saying Nothing Is a Tactic of Community High-jacking by thugs, drug dealers and other criminals.

The only way to break the drug dealers hold on our community is to:

Snatch their words

Snatch their Drugs

Snatch their Guns


Snatch back our communities from the grips of death

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